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What 'Roll On Lawn' Is Right For Me?

Bison Buffalo

Bison Soft Leaf Buffalo is the most shade tolerant lawn available and perfect for your landscaped garden.

Empire Zoysia

Empire Zoysia is a premium low maintenance turf with deep roots. It is soft and durable, great for children.

Wintergreen Couch

An excellent hybrid couch that will tolerate full sun and survive better than most lawns under the current water restrictions.


Kikuyu Beautiful soft lawn that is fantastic for high traffic areas, children and pets. Suitable for WA drought conditions.


Ki-Couchi Approximately 90% Kikuyu and 10% Wintergreen Couch giving you a soft, durable and drought-resistant lawn.

Sir Walter

Born right here in Australia, Sir Walter was bred to be tough yet soft, and good looking to boot! Versatile and hardy.


Palmetto Buffalo has an excellent winter colour, and can generally outcompete weeds when established.

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Turf Laying Perth - Common Problems

The internet is a wonderful place and full of information at our fingertips, however, unfortunately, it's easy to come across misleading information around lawn installation and care. It's not to say it's incorrect information but it might not be suited to Perth's climate and sandy soil condition, here is a breakdown sourced from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development of WA. It all starts with the preparation and quality of lawn.

Soil Preparation - Dry Patch

The hydrophobic (non-wettable) nature of many Western Australian soils, particularly the sandier types, means that once they dry out, they are very difficult to re-wet thoroughly. During the hot months, waxy substances that emerge from the soil?s organic matter form a coating on the surface and this can prevent water from penetrating to the root zone. The result is that dry patch develops on the lawn. Water droplets falling onto it simply run off to the side, and the water begins to establish a preferred pathway ? so bordering areas of the lawn receive more of a drink and become greener just as the dry patch becomes browner. Too often, dry patch is blamed on African black beetles when few or none are present.

African Black Beetle

The main difference between dry patch and lawn heavily infested by African black beetle (Heteronychus arator) is that, in the latter case, the damaged turf can be rolled back like carpet. It is the grubs, not the adult beetles, which are the more voracious feeders, literally cutting the grass off at its roots.

Dollar Spot

A fungal disease causes dollar spot, particularly in Queensland blue couch or saltene lawns, both of which have quite high watering needs. The disease can develop rapidly in humid weather, and is most prevalent from November to March. Soils deficient in nitrogen favour the development of the fungus.

Mullumbimby couch and other sedges

Common names are often misleading. Mullumbimby couch (Cyperus brevifolius) is not a couch, and other members of the Cyperus genus commonly called nut-grasses are neither grasses nor nut-bearing plants. In fact, all these plants are sedges, which invade stealthily because their fine foliage makes it hard for gardeners to detect them until they have gained a major foothold.

The best start for your new lawn

Extensive preparation should be undertaken before planting lawn runners or turf to ensure the lawn is able to withstand drought, weeds and pests. On a new site, once the ground has been cleared and levelled, spray herbicide to kill existing and opportunistic weeds. A repeat treatment may be necessary a few weeks later, to kill any seeds that have germinated in the interim. An organic soil improver or compost, which will help retain moisture, should be dug into the soil and augmented with a lawn starter food.

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